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Xtreme Fuel Treatment

Fuel saver product from US


INSURANCE $ 200.0000 USD

PROVEN in 195 Countries

XFT Product Benefits

  1. Save fuel
  2. Cleaning the machine
  3. Increase engine power
  4. Extend engine life
  5. Reduce Air Pollution

Suitable for

  1. Online Transportation Partner
  2. Bus/ Truck/ Public Transport
  3. Ships
  4. Company generator
  5. Heavy Equipment Machinery
  6. Etc

How to use

10 ml for 75 liters of fuel of all types

  1. Fill the product into the tank according to the size
  2. Fill BBM
  3. Feel the Benefits.
  4. If you want to refill fuel, then enter this product first and then fill it with BBM
Service Estimation Cost

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Xtreme Fuel Treatment

  • Brand: Syntec
  • Product Code: Xtreme Fuel Treatment
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Weight: 15 g
  • Rp100,000.00

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